About Us

G4GE was formed in 2013 by taking over support of customers of two long-standing companies: Geeks for Good® (servicing primarily non-profit clients, which was formed in 2006) & Weber Computer Consulting (servicing primarily for-profit clients, which was formed in 1987). The purpose of G4GE is to bring specialized skills from each business segment and cross pollinate IT services across both sectors and for both client groups.

From the non-profit world comes a unique skill set which has included working closely with Boards of Directors on technology grants and servicing such well-established organizations as The Hartford Foundation for Public Giving, and the agencies they fund, and have extensive experience developing technology budgets for unlimited support plans based on historical IT spending and specific organization requirements.

From the for-profit world comes a wide range of experience with enterprise class equipment, and a broad range of services incorporating everything from a “best bang for your buck” approach to a “money is no object” stance on IT expense.

The amalgamation of these two areas of expertise allows hybrid solutions across both markets, utilizing the creativity of the non-profit world & the clout of the for-profit world to create an optimal IT environment for each individual customer. Field engineers are assigned a mix of profit and non-profit customers, a strategy designed to strengthen and integrate the qualities of each experience.